5 Big Benefits of Powder Coated Finishes

In the manufacturing world, there are two ways to finish parts: powder coating and spray paint. While the conventional method of painting has worked relatively well for countless years, powder coating is a fast-growing technology that now accounts for a significant portion of industrial finishes. Below are some of the reasons powder coated products are so popular.

Greater Durability

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of powder coated finishes is their outstanding durability. If parts are powder coated, they are highly resistant to chipping and other damage due to the higher milage application when compared to hand- or spray-painted finishes. When a finish is thicker, it’s less likely to be damaged due to the dents and dings that come with everyday usage.

Increased Flexibility

Another big advantage of powder coated finishes is their great flexibility and their ability to yield and bend without flaking, chipping and cracking. This quality makes powder coated finishes particularly popular in the transportation industry, where products are continuously subjected to twisting and vibration during use.

Environmental Benefits

There are significant environmental benefits to a powder coated finish. Because they contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or solvents, there will be no harm to the environment during the application process. If there’s waste during the process, it’s not hazardous, and it can be reused or properly disposed of.

Economic Advantages

The most substantial benefit of powder coatings is their minimal waste and transfer efficiency. During the process, nearly all of the spray is successfully transferred, meaning that there’s almost no waste. Furthermore, the powder mixture is fairly inexpensive.

Fast Production

Powder coated items take less time to dry than those that have been painted with conventional methods. These products come out of the drying oven after a manufacturer-recommended cure time. In most cases, the manufacturer suggests a 24-hour wait before installing projects.

With the benefits listed above, it is easy to see why more companies and individuals are turning to powder coatings and related finishes. Powder coated finishes are durable, quick to dry, flexible, eco-friendly and relatively inexpensive. To learn more about the process, contact a local powder coater or visit them online.