Tips to Selling Your Second Hand Clothes

Do you send it to the landfills? The landfills in the United Kingdom are overflowing and they are seeing tonnes of clothing ending up on them every year, which only increases the dangerous gases and increases the carbon footprint considerably. The best option is to get rid of your unwanted clothes in an environmentally friendly manner, do you know how to do that?

There are actually a number of options available that you can consider. The first is you can look at the local car boot sales about to take place in your local area and sign up to take part. You can sell your unwanted clothing at a fraction of the price you bought them from your car boot, of course there is no guarantee you will get the prices you wanted and chances are you are still going to come home with some of the clothing that you still don’t know what to do with.

The next option is to advertise them online. There are free listing sites and auction sites that you can take advantage of. With auctions you have to put a small reserve and take the price that wins the bid. When you list on the free listing site, chances are you are not going to get all the clothes sold, you may get one or two calls, but whether these people actually come to see the items isn’t guaranteed.

One of your best bets is to contact your local charity shops. The charity shops in your area sell the clothes and then the money goes into the charity that they represent. This can be anything from people who need clothing to disaster relief companies to animal welfare societies. You don’t get any money for the clothing, that is a donation, but at least you know that it is going to a good cause and you aren’t just throwing the clothes away in the bin. Remember you will need to drop off the clothing at your own expense.

The other option is the second hand shops, though again, you will have to take time out to drop off the clothing in person and not all second hand shops pay any money for the clothing. They will accept it and then sell it to those who aren’t able to purchase good quality clothing at the high street prices. It does make a difference to people who don’t have the cash flow to go out and buy winter clothes when the weather starts turning.

The final option and probably the most rewarding is to recycle your unwanted good quality clothing. Recycling companies pay you cash for you unwanted clothes and then they distribute it accordingly, so you are still making a difference to someone else’s life while reducing your impact on the environment.

There are recycling companies that operate online, so you can have them send you a recycling pack, they will arrange collection from your home or office on a day that suits you and they will pay you for the clothing.

It is important to focus on finding a reputable clothing recycling company when selling second hand clothes. You want a company with a good reputation that is known for their fast, reliable and effective service.